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AMAZING Airbnb Transformation | Before & After

Welcome to our newest Airbnb property! We take you along so you can see the ENTIRE before and after transformation.

- Carla & Conner Video

AMAZING Airbnb Transformation | Before & After

Welcome to our newest Airbnb property! We take you along so you can see the ENTIRE before and after transformation. YouTube Link:


AMAZING Airbnb Transformation | Before & After

Welcome to our newest Airbnb property called Whimsical Washington Park! In this video we are taking you along so that you can see the process of our Airbnb transformations and how we get the before and afters.

This property is located in Denver, Colorado on the edge of two amazing neighborhoods; Baker and Washington Park! This is a unique property because it is a converted garage studio unit. Studios are interesting places to design, especially for interior designers because you want to give some separation and some segregation of the space but doing so in a way that is aesthetically pleasing can often be a challenge.

For this property our start-up costs were very minimal. All of the furniture we were moving from a previous 1 bed 1 bath unit and transferring it to this studio. We didn't spend much money to actually get this unit up and running.


As you can see from the before photos above, it is a smaller space, has too much carpet, is messy and needs some help. Even though it doesn't look fabulous we could certainly see the potential and there are some main things that we did and that we do to every property prior to renting it.

The first thing we did was CLEAN IT! We get all of our properties professionally cleaned prior to renting them. We organized everything, checked all appliances and such and cleared it out of all un wanted things, furniture, tools etc... That way you can start with a blank slate.


After cleaning and putting everything together we started to move in the furniture. The most important thing for us was to create separation of the space to make it feel less like "one room." We did this with the use of larger pieces and rugs.


When you walk in directly to the right we created a little bench area with some pillows. Luckily the entryway is already tiled so that creates some separation. You are also met by a little table which we put up along the backside of the couch. This table has the guidebook, house manual and such. The laundry is also in the entryway which we used a small room divider to help hide the laundry area.

Living Room

Directly after the entryway we put down a large 5 x 8 rug to help denote the living area. The tv table and a tall wooden shelf are used as dividers to divide the living and the bedroom. The couch was gifted to us, the rug was free, the tv table was free and the shelving was all free. The only things we paid for were some of the decor pieces, the TV and the fireplace.


The kitchen has a nice bar which sections its-self off from the rest of the room, along with tiling. There was space for a proper dining space so we just added a couple of bar stools to the bar. In the kitchen there were no upper cabinets. We didn't want to invest in the cabinets but we needed to create more dimension on that back wall where the cabinets would be. We added some wall art, some shelving and a mirror. The mirror is placed over the sink to give the illusion of a window. The shelving has some coffee sups and then some decor.


The bedroom is divided off slightly by the living room space and contains a little seating area with a side table and some magazines. The bed itself was used at one of our other properties. The headboard was free and the platform frame was only $100.

How long did this transformation take?

For our properties we focus on getting them up and running in the shortest amount of time. This particular property took us two days from when we took it over to when we had it listed. We also try to limit costs as much as possible so that we make profit quickly.

As interior designers and business owners it is a balance between being as creative as possible and making the space amazing but also getting it listed as quickly as possible to start generating income.

We hope you enjoyed this transformation! If you would like to book this property please visit our "properties" page and visit our business website if you would like us to help with one of your properties or an interior design project.


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