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Why you Should NEVER Stay in an Airbnb!

This is something we never thought we'd say! But here are the reasons why you should NEVER travel using Airbnb!

Why you Should NEVER Travel using Airbnb!

Welcome to the video. This is something we never thought we'd say! But here are the reasons why you should NEVER travel using Airbnb! An airbnb is NOT like a hotel, it is a unique experience every time and honestly many travelers are not up to the challenge and should NOT travel via Airbnb. Here are our reasons why SOME people should NEVER travel using Airbnb. YouTube Link:


Why you Should NEVER Travel using Airbnb!

1. You are a paying customer but you are ALSO a guest in someone’s home

Hotel Travel

Easy, low expectations (on everyone's part)

Most know what to expect from a hotel

Accessing your room is easy, straight forward at hotel

Just a paying guest

No Damage=Happy Hotel

Clean spot to lay your head=Happy Traveler

Not unique

Same experience everywhere, every time


Airbnb Travel

Access to every property and every space is unique

You are using someone else’s home and their belongings

If this is uncomfortable, this is not for you

Yes, you will sleep in someone else’s bed!

Reading and/or communication between host and traveler critical for success

Leaving the home better than when you came even though you PAID a cleaning fee

Your still a guest-someone is lending their home and their stuff to you

Would you leave it broken?

You will be judged on how you act, leave space and how you handle issues like accidental breakage (via review)

- If you can’t read, have little attention to detail, forget it-Stick with the hotel

- If you can pay for a service and be courteous and kind, you may just love using someones kitchen while on vacation

- You may just get a space more suited to your group size where everyone is more comfortable

- Not for everyone but benefits can far outweigh the disadvantages

We LOVE traveling via Airbnb just as much as we LOVE hosting guests on Airbnb. However it is a unique experience every single time and requires effort on the guests part because it is such a new and unique experience. No piece of personal property is the same. It is all unique and requires different attention to detail. If you are looking for a vacation that is the same experience, no effort on your part and no need to reading directions or communicating with a host then you are better suited to hotel travel!


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