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Best places to start an Airbnb!?

Where is the best place to start an Airbnb? We travel to the hub of vacation rentals and Airbnb's in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are a hub for vacation rentals.

- BnBitches Vlog

Best places to start an Airbnb!?

Welcome to the vlog! In this episode Carla and Conner travel up to Winter Park Colorado in the Rocky mountains. The rocky mountains are an airbnb and vacation rental hub for Colorado. They travel up there to get more business and advertise in different condominium communities to trail and get their next Airbnb property.

Welcome to the BnBitches YouTube Channel! We will be coming out with a few (2-4) new vlogs EVERY WEEK! They will be giving you a behind the scene's look at running airbnb properties, what goes into our business, how we do everything budget friendly and how we get along as a mother-son business.

Thank you all so much for watching our video!

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Thank you all so much for watching our video!

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