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DIY Gold & Faux Fur Chair

Here is a great budget friendly, but trendy DIY you can do! Check out this DIY Gold & Faux Fur Chair!

- Carla & Conner Video

DIY Gold & Faux Fur Chair

Welcome to the video. Here is a great budget friendly, but trendy DIY you can do! Check out this DIY Gold & Faux Fur Chair! YouTube Link:


DIY Gold & Faux Fur Chair


  • Old Chair

  • Sand Paper

  • Spray Paint

  • Staple Gun

  • 2-4 Yards of Fabric

Step One

Get your old chair! We found our chair at goodwill for only a few bucks. We chose the chair we did because the legs were like a square and we knew it would give us that trendy angular look! Once you have your old chair just sand all of the wood (it is is metal that's even better and don't sand the metal lol).

Step Two

Sanding the legs will make the spray paint stay on better and longer. We did not sand the legs and as you can see from the video the paint started to chip. The next step is to spray paint your legs. We used a gold metallic spray paint but you can use whatever color you like! Make sure to do it slowly and evenly to avoid any "drips." You may also need to do a couple of coats but make sure the spray paint drys in between the coats.

Step Three

Wrap your fabric around the chair. It will take a little time for you to figure out how to best position the fabric to cover the entire chair! Once you have it where you want it use the staple gun to staple the fabric onto the chair. We used a nail and hammer because we didn't have a staple gun and were lazy. Please don't do what we did! Use a staple gun it's much easier!

That's it folks! Post a photo of your chair on Instagram and tag us @CarlaAndConner

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