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Horrible AirBnB Guest Stories!!!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Not all Airbnb guests are a walk in the park. Once in a while you have some Airbnb guest nightmares! Here are some of our HORRIBLE Airbnb guest stories and how we handled them.

- BnBitches Podcast Episode 2: Horrible Airbnb Guests

Welcome to our BnBitches Podcast Episode 2: Horrible Airbnb Guests. We have become better at vetting guests because we have experienced some horrible guests. In this podcast we talk about some funny stories about our worst guests and what we've learned. We hope that you can take away some information as to not make the same mistakes as we have so you can avoid hosting Horrible Airbnb Guests. For privacy and security all names of guests and details have been altered slightly.

“You know when you buy a product and it says "don't touch the lightbulb because it may get hot" and you're thinking what dumb fuck put their hand on the lightbulb? Well... Johnny did.”

Johnny was a problem guest from the start. His card was getting declined and he was having immense trouble booking. Which is your first red flag. He was a very kind guest but he surely needed some handholding. He was coming to Colorado to meet his girlfriend for the first time that he met online. Needless to say, their meeting did not go as planned and we had to deal with the aftermath of the failed relationship. Johnny was a very sweet guest but between the relationship advice, the handholding and the inability to open a garage door we were pretty tired of it.

Homeless Airbnb Guests

We have had a homeless guest or two. We aren't saying all homeless guests are "bad" guests but the few times we have hosted "homeless" guests they have been very bad experiences and frankly they ruined it for everyone. After hosting our share of homeless guests and dealing with it we have been able to mitigate the risk of hosting another guest like this.

We no longer accept "local" bookings. Meaning someone from the same city as the property is located in. We become more weary of last minute bookings as well. For our lower priced properties we have now required government ID verification through Airbnb before booking. All the guest has to do is upload their government ID through Airbnb and they are able to book. Lastly, we ask all of our guests to provide us with information regarding their stay and asking why they are visiting and staying with us. All of these steps should help you avoid getting into a situation like we have.

Guest Running her Own Business

“It appeared that she was running her own little business... Similar to us where she was having people enter and exit, enter and exit, enter and exit..... her vagina.”

One of our last horrible Airbnb guest was a women by the name of Fawn. After entering the unit upon her check out, it became clear to us that Fawn was running her own side hustle. Considering all of the rose petals, the immense amount of tissues, condoms, towels and her pornographic airbnb profile picture we were aware of what side hustle she was running. Unfortunately we were not able to mitigate the issue through Airbnb but we have since learned our lesson. Her booking was similar to the above and we should have seen the signs before hand.

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