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How to Design for the Space you Have

Design for the space you have NOT the space you want! We are breaking down our TOP interior design tips and how to design for your space. We break down how we have designed some of our properties and how we have worked with clients to design theirs!

- BnBitches Podcast Episode 4: Designing for your Space

Welcome to our BnBitches Podcast Episode 4: Designing for your Space. In this episode you will learn how to design for the space you have not the space you want. Some of the biggest problems with interior design is people don't know how to properly design for their space.

“When designing your space you need to figure out your goals. Design is all about feeling...”

Fitting the Space

You aren't going to get a sectional for a studio. Design is about making sure your pieces actually FIT the space. If you have a huge living room a small loveseat will look a little off. Make sure to take proper measurements before buying furniture.

Using the Bones

You need to design to create a coherent scheme that fits the bones of your property. For example, if you have a modern contemporary mansion, filling it with all antique pieces will look off. Feel free to juxtapose certain pieces like putting in an antique side chair but you still need to stick to certain themes.

Affording the Pieces

Don't over due it. Depending on your lifestyle it's better to have less expensive pieces that you can change out every once in a while. However there are sometimes some scenarios where its better to spend a little extra money. For certain pieces that you plan on having for a while like a couch, dining room table, etc... It might be better to buy something more expensive and sturdy that will be somewhat of an investment.

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