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How to Raise your Credit Score Immediately!?

Your credit score is one of the MOST important things when it comes to real estate investing or borrowing from banks! Here are our tips on how to raise your credit score immediately!

How to Raise your Credit Score Immediately!?

Welcome to the video. A credit score is the most important thing when it comes to borrowing money! Especially in regards to real estate investing. Watch our video for our top tips and tricks for raising your credit score in record time! YouTube Link:


How to Raise your Credit Score Immediately!?

DON’T cancel your cards

- Credit Age is a big portion of your credit score

- Cancelling an older one will reduce your credit age

Keep cards active

- Most cards get cancelled if you don't use every year or two

- Get gas on each card on a rotating schedule

- Pay for normal expenses then pay off

Experian Boost

- Uses utility payments to help boost your score

Don’t apply for Store Cards

- Hard to get approved

- Limitations on usage to the store

- Very little benefits

- High interest rate

- ONLY useful if you work in an industry where you buy a lot

Don’t apply for cards you don’t have a strong approval rating for

- Credit Karma

- Tells you approval ratings

Keep usage under 30%

- Apply for new card

- Apply for a credit limit increase

- Decreases your credit usage

Add as authorized user

- Someone with bigger credit limit who uses responsibly

- Throw out card


- Late payments kill credit scores

- Call companies after making on time payments and ask for forgiveness on late


Secured Card

- Be Patient

- Takes time


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