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How to Start an Airbnb & Make a lot of Money!

Have you ever thought about starting your own Airbnb or Vacation rental? We walk you through the steps to starting your own short term rental and how to become profitable!

Have you ever wanted to start your own Airbnb and make a lot of money!? In this weeks video we describe some of our top tips for success and what to expect as an Airbnb host. We have grown our business from one property to now numerous all over Colorado. We want to share how anyone can do this in your own home!

“Are you at a place right now that has a space where you can actually set up and start to earn a profit from?”

You don't need to be a rich real estate investor to take advantage of the huge short term rental market. It could be as easy as setting up a space in your home and using that to pay your mortgage. Not keen on sharing space with other people? We have some options for you!

Finding the Space

It doesn't have to be a separate house that you spend thousands on. You can earn a profit from a space you already have. You can set up a space in a spare bedroom. If you are not keen on sharing your space with guests you can find a space that you may be able to block off from the other guests. A guest house? A walkout basement? A master suite? There are many options when it comes to finding that perfect space. Still not convinced? While you're out of town open up your calendar and have your guests pay for your vacation! It isn't hard breaking into this business and becoming profitable!

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